Updates for All

2008-06-07 15:11:27 by Draconianspirit

I had a couple of private messages asking about "No Place for Doubt"

Anyone who's lost (which, since I'm still a noob, that should be most of the newgrounds population) it's a flash animation I'm creating, that's being set on my own little world.

So updates for those people:

I started drawing out the storyboard, and I have the first half of episode one drawn out. I started animating it about, a month ago, and needless to say, I'm extremly pleased, and happy with how it's coming out. I think it'll be done in about three months. Long I know, but I don't have a time-limit on this baby, so I'm gonna make it somthing great.

Speaking of which, anyone reading this, I need voice actors. THe segment I'm currently animating, doesnt need voices, but the next part will. I have six places to be filled. And I dont want just someone who can read lines, I need someone who can put expression into what they're saying. I currently need:

Jackal male (main character) - the main hero of the story, who's complete chicken shit.

Jazz male (supporting character)- sleezy, penny pinching fool, who decieves people.

Female character- no name currently (Supporting character)- Big boned chick, carries a grenae launcher around. Very gung-ho.

Rhodius-male- (supporting character) He's a swamp dragon that helps the team out from time to time. Very cynical, sarcastic, and humerous.

Male character- (supporting) no name as of yet. Very big guy, muscle man- But not at all violent. Very kind and caring. Would rather talk things out before fighting. I had a deep sounding voice for this guy in mind, but I'm willing to bend on it.

Villian- No name as of yet, Necromancer, controls an army of dragon-zombies. Cna be male or female at this point.

There ARE more characters, but none of them are developed enough here. I know that Deadmix was interested in doing voice acting....

Anyone who's interested send me a private message, and I'll let you know what to do to get a spot.

Until next time-huzzah.


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2008-06-07 15:18:57

darknessdweller wuz here.


2008-06-07 15:19:08

It's spelled "hazzah"

(Updated ) Draconianspirit responds:

hush and lemme spell however I want. =P

and you are wrong ^^

Hazzah, yes is a word, it's meant to express excitement in place of "hooray" or yippee"

that wasnt the context in which I was using the word. =P

Huzzah, means "victory" or is seen as a cheer.
Not that it matters much ^^ But I figured I'd let you know. Hazzah, is actually just computer lingo. Huzzah was used among the romans.


2008-06-08 13:55:19

6 Mutton Joints and a keg of rum for me maties!

Draconianspirit responds:

Indeed =D


2008-08-24 22:35:18

When is your next project coming out? :)

Draconianspirit responds:

sorry bout that wait here O_o.

Schoool started up again, which means I'm gonna have some time. I'm working on another project and hope you enjoy it. ^^ thanks for the comment.