Ye gods!

2008-12-22 21:23:49 by Draconianspirit

Thanks for sticking with me guys -_- It's been a HELL of a year. xD

And a big thanks to everyone who is STILL commenting on my ONE measly little first-time NOOB animation. I greatly appreciate it.

I havn't forgotten Newgrounds, don't worry. It's my computer that's been a little bitch. I lost flash...and I lost my product key...and I'm uber sad.

So I don't have flash CS2 anymore...and I can't download the trial version of CS4 because it needs 1 gig of ram to run...and my computer..has...504...mb..xDD So yeah.

I AM for my school project making another animation though, that will be the first in it's episodes..I've named it "No Place for Doubt." and it will be my second animation ever...

Believe it or I havn't done much of any practicing...a bouncing ball here or there...but yeah.

Again thanks for sticking with me...I apprecaite it. Hope to head back here soon, with some real work.


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2009-01-09 11:53:56

Are you going to put the Animation you have in Class on here? Got a release date for "Artic Run"? Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, but that already happened :P

Draconianspirit responds:

This all depends on how my computer runs. In all actuality, if I had it my way, I'd say that teh project that I'm doing currently for school would be done about Late April, and Arctic Run, would honestly be practice filler....which would have a release date of about July. Like I said..if I had things MY way. xD my computer like I said...ish on the fritz.

However the first episode of No Place for Doubt, since it is a school project will be done before June. Yes it will be posted here on Newgrounds. As for Arctic Run, I do plan on developing a storyline and characters, but it looks like that will be in the far future.

I do appreciate your comment ^^ and a happy new years to you too.


2009-01-11 21:53:42

Do you know when your gonna finish the arctic run?

Draconianspirit responds:

I'm gonna be fooling around with Arctic RUn sometime in the Summer.


2009-01-11 21:54:23

Nvm. I'll just wait


2009-01-18 23:29:36

Yeah Whoo. Go You for doing what you do! We're proud. And while saying that im representing all of NG. Your the best at doing stuff.