HAH!!! Things Shall be Moving Quicker mah Friends.

2009-01-21 22:06:47 by Draconianspirit

Not gonna lie, this is the happiest I've been in a very LONG time. Finally a bit of good luck is on my side.

First off, I found flash. Huzzah, Adobe even re-gave me my product key because mine had expired or some shit from not being used. O-o....whatever xD I dont care!! I got flash cs3 babeh!! Which means animations are gonna be pumping out of here like hotcakes ona griddle =D

Ok, maybe not that fast, I DO want to make sure that what I pump out is quality work, and I'm going to expect everyone here to critque me till my liver falls out on the floor- not too harshly though. ^^

I'm taking every comment that was given to me on my last animation and fixing it to make a quality movie for my next project. I'm afraid I'm not going to jump right into my cartoon series- I want to work a little bit with my characters, and get a feel for how they move and walk. Speaking of which.

How would newgrounds take to a walk cycle of one of my characters? They're not stick figures mind you. They're complex characters, with clothes, and hair movement. Would it be a yay or nay? Should I upload such things? Or just keep my gallery strictly movies? Lemme know guys!

And the best part is...my computer hasn't even GLITCHED while using Flash...bomb diggity!

And oh!

got my SATS this saturday...wish me luck guys!


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2009-01-21 22:12:29

Good luck on your SATs.

Draconianspirit responds:



2009-01-25 16:19:56

Good luck, but its Sunday D: How it was?

Can you give us a release date (If its possible) of your next animation? ^^

Draconianspirit responds:

Oh man, the SAT's were HORRID xDD lol...I had a kid behind me who was like...800 pounds?...so it sounded like he was having some kind of cardiac arrest the ENTIRE time xDDD And the math section was poopy....but I'm not good at math anywho. *shrug*....other than that though, it could have been uberly worse.

As for my next animation...egads...I'm thinking a release date should be around sometime in late may?....Right now I'm just getting a feel for all my characters before I jump right into it.