2008-01-20 20:03:37 by Draconianspirit

So I probably shouldnt bitch...but omg..

My drawing tablet...just...died, and it feels like I lost my best friend....

No digital animations....nothing digitally...I'm so sad. -_-


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2008-01-20 20:47:25

Buy a new one! Wacoms are awsome :P

Draconianspirit responds:

roffle! yeah I wish I could, I aint got money though. :p Could pose a problem eh? XD


2008-01-23 10:31:12

I would wonna die too if my computer died, no more flash MX, no more animations, that's horrible man

Draconianspirit responds:

yeah, I can't bitch though XD some people don't even have computers. yeesh.


2008-01-23 13:22:46

bah, a few months ago my computer crashed, and i lost EVERYTHING. my entire flash library, gone. all those animations, all those memories.

Draconianspirit responds:

yeah thas gotta blow. I had that happen once but I saved everyhting to a disk before hand, so I got lucky.