This tuesday

2009-11-06 20:00:40 by Draconianspirit

This tuesday I'll have a new flash animation done, but it's going to be a bit short...

It's just kind of a test with animation with some dragons- I havn't actually practiced any kind of animation since my last one, but I've taken critiques from my first, and applied it to this...

i personally don't like it, but I'm going to submit it anyways. if it gets a low score- then it gets a low score.

The title says it all. Look out for it guys. ;-)

So yeah. that's why I havn't been around in 400 years or so. I'm going into to debt to improve and further my illustration and animation skills. I hope to have somthing for you guys to see sometime soon. I'm still working on the stories that have been mentioned in the past.

Still working on the story for "No Place for Doubt." Working on it in a comic form however, so that it'll be easier to make the animation after. I'll have the comic posted as an interactive thing so you guys can see it, then maybe if enough people like it I can recruit some voice actors.

That's about that though. Just thought I'd update so that people didn't think I was dead.

Not gonna lie, this is the happiest I've been in a very LONG time. Finally a bit of good luck is on my side.

First off, I found flash. Huzzah, Adobe even re-gave me my product key because mine had expired or some shit from not being used. O-o....whatever xD I dont care!! I got flash cs3 babeh!! Which means animations are gonna be pumping out of here like hotcakes ona griddle =D

Ok, maybe not that fast, I DO want to make sure that what I pump out is quality work, and I'm going to expect everyone here to critque me till my liver falls out on the floor- not too harshly though. ^^

I'm taking every comment that was given to me on my last animation and fixing it to make a quality movie for my next project. I'm afraid I'm not going to jump right into my cartoon series- I want to work a little bit with my characters, and get a feel for how they move and walk. Speaking of which.

How would newgrounds take to a walk cycle of one of my characters? They're not stick figures mind you. They're complex characters, with clothes, and hair movement. Would it be a yay or nay? Should I upload such things? Or just keep my gallery strictly movies? Lemme know guys!

And the best part computer hasn't even GLITCHED while using Flash...bomb diggity!

And oh!

got my SATS this saturday...wish me luck guys!

Ye gods!

2008-12-22 21:23:49 by Draconianspirit

Thanks for sticking with me guys -_- It's been a HELL of a year. xD

And a big thanks to everyone who is STILL commenting on my ONE measly little first-time NOOB animation. I greatly appreciate it.

I havn't forgotten Newgrounds, don't worry. It's my computer that's been a little bitch. I lost flash...and I lost my product key...and I'm uber sad.

So I don't have flash CS2 anymore...and I can't download the trial version of CS4 because it needs 1 gig of ram to run...and my computer..has...504...mb..xDD So yeah.

I AM for my school project making another animation though, that will be the first in it's episodes..I've named it "No Place for Doubt." and it will be my second animation ever...

Believe it or I havn't done much of any practicing...a bouncing ball here or there...but yeah.

Again thanks for sticking with me...I apprecaite it. Hope to head back here soon, with some real work.

Updates for All

2008-06-07 15:11:27 by Draconianspirit

I had a couple of private messages asking about "No Place for Doubt"

Anyone who's lost (which, since I'm still a noob, that should be most of the newgrounds population) it's a flash animation I'm creating, that's being set on my own little world.

So updates for those people:

I started drawing out the storyboard, and I have the first half of episode one drawn out. I started animating it about, a month ago, and needless to say, I'm extremly pleased, and happy with how it's coming out. I think it'll be done in about three months. Long I know, but I don't have a time-limit on this baby, so I'm gonna make it somthing great.

Speaking of which, anyone reading this, I need voice actors. THe segment I'm currently animating, doesnt need voices, but the next part will. I have six places to be filled. And I dont want just someone who can read lines, I need someone who can put expression into what they're saying. I currently need:

Jackal male (main character) - the main hero of the story, who's complete chicken shit.

Jazz male (supporting character)- sleezy, penny pinching fool, who decieves people.

Female character- no name currently (Supporting character)- Big boned chick, carries a grenae launcher around. Very gung-ho.

Rhodius-male- (supporting character) He's a swamp dragon that helps the team out from time to time. Very cynical, sarcastic, and humerous.

Male character- (supporting) no name as of yet. Very big guy, muscle man- But not at all violent. Very kind and caring. Would rather talk things out before fighting. I had a deep sounding voice for this guy in mind, but I'm willing to bend on it.

Villian- No name as of yet, Necromancer, controls an army of dragon-zombies. Cna be male or female at this point.

There ARE more characters, but none of them are developed enough here. I know that Deadmix was interested in doing voice acting....

Anyone who's interested send me a private message, and I'll let you know what to do to get a spot.

Until next time-huzzah.

A great big thank you.

2008-05-29 20:18:02 by Draconianspirit

Just wanted to give everyone a great big thank you for all the positive feedback that I've gotten on my first submission on "Aerial Gunning" I must admit, I was very scared to submit it on Newgrounds. Most people who come to this site are looking for witty penis jokes, and random humor. It was nice to see that my awarness submission was taken in with great big open arms.

Newgrounds has a reputation for a lot of people being hardasses, which is good and negative, depending on how you look at it. Since I wasnt keen on submitting to begin with, I was expecting it to get blammed. Needless to say, it hasnt, doesnt look like it's gonna, and I'm glad in the end I did submit. So I guess I have to say a great big thank you to Deadmix, who persuaded me to upload to begin with.

And of course a thank you to everyone who left critiques and comments behind. Your words are more inspiring than you know. (sorry for that cornyness right there. Don't worry, I don't do much of that) My next flash submission will be much more smooth,and will be based on a real life event. Seeing as I suck drawing people, that's going to be my next focus.

I also have three large projects planned out for the summer, none of which will be finished until sometime in december, maybe later. Since everyone seems interested in Arctic Run, I'll start with that.

Arctic Run, is an on-going comic, (which hasnt been submitted much on deviantart, my other home online) which is based on the theme of the aerial gunning. I was going to animate it here on newgrounds. Though there may be sad parts in the submission, I'm gonna gear this one to be more humorous, and lighthearted. The main storyline is going to be about a pack of wolves that are split up by a group of aerial gunners, three of the wolves (main characters) get captured and shipped off. The episodes will be based on their escape, and their journey to get back with the pack. Sounds corny, but it's playing out much prettier in my head. This one, will be set to the back of the pile, since, a. I havnt finished the comic, and b. I want to make sure I can get a nice storyline down before animating.

The next one, is one that I'm very excited about starting, and may or may not be started sometime soon, depending on how well I improve over the summer months. The name of the series will be called "No Place for Doubt" It's about a futuristic world that's been overtaken by a group of villians, and the inhabitants are anthro-ish. Humans are a race that have died out bit by bit and now there's only a few of them left. The main character who's character is based off a jackal (his name is also jackal right now due to the fact that I can't think of a suitable name) is the hero of the story, but he's completly chicken-shit. This hasnt been worked on much as of late, due to my constant character design changes. More on that later if anyone is interested.

The third project, is one I'm probably gonna be working on this summer. I want to make some kind of RPG based game. Havnt the faintest idea what it would be about, but I've been getting a bit interested in videogame design, so I thought this would be a good way to see if I wanted to do it or not.

Anywho, now that I have a proper journel in my newgrounds page, that'll be all.

keep rocking people.

<Long time no see. Back for now. Not much to say.


2008-01-20 20:03:37 by Draconianspirit

So I probably shouldnt bitch...but omg..

My drawing tablet...just...died, and it feels like I lost my best friend....

No digital animations....nothing digitally...I'm so sad. -_-

School and all that.

2008-01-13 13:57:16 by Draconianspirit

So school school. It wouldnt be so bad if my grades weren't that bad. *rolls eyes* Ah well...for the most part I enjoy it. I've been going to a school for cartoon animation and illustration. I'm pretty physched about it.

All right so anyone who reads this, I need some advice. I wanna make a flash movie, and I'm pretty decent and I got the opening scene down. The only prob is, I don't have a character. I'm looking for somthing that's going to be memorable and a character that people are gonna remember. Any suggestions? What kind of character is it? I'm looking at somthing perferably mythical, or animal. I hate drawing humans. Animating one would be hell.

So yeah. That's all for now.